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What is Glow in the Dark Paint?

Glow Paint looks and acts like regular paint, but the effects are the opposite of normal paint. Glow in the Dark Paint can only be seen in the Dark. Due to this property, we recommend painting in the dark and under a UV light.

The process of producing Glow in the dark paint is the same, but all glow paints are not the same.  We carry two variants of Glow in the Dark Paint and they are, Water Based and Solvent Based Paints.

Glow in the Dark Water based Acrylic paints are more suitable for indoor use where the environment is clean and dry. They are suitable for use on any surface except metal, iron or any material that would corrode when brought into contact with water.

Waterbased paints are the go to for artists who are painting murals on walls. We have artists located in Singapore who offer such services.
We also use Water based in our [ur=]Night Sky Illusion Kit[/url]. This kit contains all the tools needed for anyone to paint a NightSky illusion on any ceiling. Cool huh.

Glow in the Dark Solvent Oil based paints, can be used on most surfaces, except plastic, rubber and leather. Solvent based paints are waterproof making it suitable for outdoor use on wall, concrete and roads. Feel free to discuss about Glow in the dark paint ideas for outside use.

Our Glow Spray Paint series is only available with Solvent paints.

You can Buy Glow in the Dark paints at our online store.
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