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Newbie with Screen Printing Questions
« on: May 04, 2012, 11:42:52 AM »
Disclaimer:  I am not a screen-printer.  Just trying to get enough knowledge to create a T design that'll work.

The concept calls for a black T with some areas printed as normal, and others printed "clear" that would then show up at night only.  All I've read seems to indicate that printing on the black will a) reveal a noticeable ink in daylight, and b) glow *less*, but I've yet to see an example or find a description of what "less" means there.  Does it glow some?  Not at all?  Is it worth pursuing at all?

I've read about pre-colored glow inks in various colors.  Do these work on a black T at all?  Anybody tried it?  Red is offered by one company and red is one color in the design.  But I can't get a handle on whether it works when printed on black.

I've also read about additive powders, but again, no specifics on whether they work in a dark colored ink on a dark colored shirt.

All input welcome and appreciated.
Thank you